Potato Patties

Serves 4-6


Medium Sized Russet Potatoes, 5

Eggs, 3 (or egg beaters equivalent to 3 eggs)

Medium Sized Onion, 1 (Optional)

Tomato, 1

Olive or Canola Oil

Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Parsley


Wash and boil potatoes in plenty of water until potatoes are fully cooked. You can check with a fork to see how well the potatoes are cooked. Cool potatoes in cold water before peeling. The skin should peel off very easily. Mash the potatoes with a fork, in a big bowl. Add eggs. If you choose to add onions, first chop them fine, and briefly sautee in a pan using a teaspoon of olive or canola oil. Once browned slightly, add the onions to the potatoes. Add, salt, pepper, and paprika, to your liking. Place mix in the freezer for 10 minutes. (Not longer). This will help you mold the potato patties better.

Form 2 inch by 2 inch round patties, with 1/2 inch thickness. Hopefully, you will end up with 15 to 18 patties. Place enough oil in the bottom of a non-stick frying pan to cover 1/4 inch of the bottom. Place patties side by side, and fry both sides on high heat. Watch the pan, and make sure your patties are golden in color.

With a fork, Pick up each of the paties individually, and hold up over the pan, to drain the extra oil. Have 2-3 pieces of paper towel on a plate, to put the fried patties on. This will help drain the oil furter. You can put some paper towel on top and gently press on the patties to remove oil from the top as well.

Garnish with slices of tomato, and some parsley. Serve with fresh bread.

Nutritional Facts:

Protein: Low (From eggs)

Carbohydrates: High (From Potatoes)

Fat: Moderate

Cholesterol: High (If you use whole eggs)

Vitamins: Low (From Tomato)


This dish is not a strictly vegetarian dish, becsuse it uses egg product. The eggs are the source of protein in this dish, and one way to balance a nutrition with the needed amount of protein. Besides meats, proteins can be found in eggs and beans.