This is a great web page which was put together with the thought of making you more aware of healthy eating. There is a great deal of pride in what we believe, and of course these suggestions come from well trained medical doctors. We also have a very good set of recipes, which are nutritionally balanced, which you can access for a small annual membership fee.


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This site will continue to expand as we move along. We will have new areas in the future which will be taylored toward the request and needs of our clients. We would focus on medical issues that are of common interest. Your input is very important to us.

If you choose to become a member of our web page, you will have an even larger resource. We have dedicated a special area for our members, where they can ask us medically related questions, and have our physicians respond. Presently, we are offering this service free of extra charge to those who have joined our web page for a trial period.

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